Your last day brings you to the western lake shore before returing to Podgorica (109km)

Cycling around Shkodra/Skadar Lake

Day 3
Length: 109
Duration: 6
Total Slope: 1120
Max. Uphill Grade: 15
Max. Altitude: 4
Min. Altitude: 552
Paved Road: 100% 109km
Gravel Road: 0% 109km
Narrow Path: 0% 109km

After a wonderful evening spent in relaxing bars and strolling around the ancient streets of Shkodra, sun rise invites you to the third part of the trip. Shkodra’s main attraction is the ruined castle Rozafa which you pass on your way out of town. The magnificent fortress dating back to Illyrian time about 4th century BC.  It stands above the confluence of its three rivers, the Drini, the Kiri and the Buna. The pretty strenuous walk up the castle is rewarded with fantastic views across Lake Shkodra to Montenegro an even out to the Adriatiatic.

After crossing the metal bridge over the Buna river your trip will be accompanied From the outskirts of town by the quietness of this river valley. Enhale the rich Mediterranean smell as you pass green olive tress and enjoy the extraordinary scenery of the confluence of rivers Buna and Drini. After 14km you reach the border crossing of uriqani/ Sukobin.

western mountainous lake shore

Riding up to Ostros (22km), wonderful balcony up on mountain, the track follows a small country road that will bring you to Murici (14km). The little town is a favourite picnic place where tourists can enjoy the specialties of the lake - carp and eel. The place is also renowned for its 600 meter stretch of wide sandy beach. It is the largest beach on the Montenegrin part of the lake and due to its shallow waters very suitable for children. There is a well of clean and cold water on the beach, and a dense forest of old oak and chestnut trees in its background.

After Djuravci, Seoca and Krnjice (19km) where you can taste traditional cuisine and wines you will travel to Virpazar (10km) and then back to Podgorica (29km).