Razma - Thethi (51km)

Seven day mountain bike tour

Day 6
Length: 51
Duration: 6
Total Slope: 1212
Max. Uphill Grade: 10
Max. Altitude: 1695
Min. Altitude: 483
Paved Road: 33% 17km
Gravel Road: 67% 17km
Narrow Path: 0% 17km

Starting from Razma you can enjoy riding bicycles on the asphalted road, going down to Dedaj village and climbing to picturesque village of Boga. Here you can rest to drink fresh waters, taste traditional gastronomy Also you must check the bicycle because you must be prepared to climb to Qafa e Thores, highest point of this tour on the side of Albania .The road towards this point winds among wonderful forests and landscapes. Where from you go down to center of verger tourist village of Theth. Here you are surrounded by the rugged mountains peaks that are the most conspicuous in the Alps for their rare beauty: You can see the old forest, meadows, mountains eagles flying in the sky, the crystal icy water of Shala River, beauty the traditional costumes, interesting traditions and taste the delicious, natural foods of the village, accompanying all the time hospitality of inhabitants.