On your second day you explore the Albanian part of Shkodra/Skadar Lake (60km)

Cycling around Shkodra/Skadar Lake

Day 2
Length: 60
Duration: 3
Total Slope: 250
Max. Uphill Grade: 6
Max. Altitude: 103
Min. Altitude: 12
Paved Road: 100% 60km
Gravel Road: 0% 60km
Narrow Path: 0% 60km

Follow the asphalted road to Tuzi (10km), a small town famous for its huge market. A few kilometres past Tuzi you can enjoy scenic views on Hotsko lake. You also pass a beautiful small bay of Shkodra/Skadar lake. After crossing the border point Bozaj-Hani i Hotit (15km) (paying 1 Euro) the landscape becomes a rural Albanian setting: on your right you are greeted by scattered villages and wonderful views on Shkodra/Skadar lake. The shore is only one or two km away: so, if you like to stop for a swim or enjoy the rich birdlife of the lake, just leave the main road for a short tour to the lake. From the beach you can see the stunning Albanian mountain range (see our Mountain bike tour).

cycling up to the Rozafa castle in Shkodra   View from Rozafa castle on Drini and Buna river

Back on the main road you pass the small town of Koplik (17km) before you reach the capital of North Albania, Shkodra (18km). The 2.500 year old, bustling town is the best place for an overnight stay in the area. It offers a good range of accommodation (f.ex. Kolping Hotel ** up 18 €, Hotel Kaduku *** 27,50 €). It’s easy to make friends with the locals and spend the night in a local family, as well. Skodrans are renowned for their hospitality. If your muscles aren’t aching yet, use the afternoon for a little excursion to the tourist villages of Shiroka and Zogaj (10km) , peaceful niches, set up on a Skodra lake bank. Back to Shkodra.

For the next day you can choose to going on with your cycling tour around Shkodra Lake, or you take your bike for a "Cycling Around Shkodra" trip.