Welcome to cycling Montenegro Albanian Trails. A new cycling destination awakes.

This destination invite`s you to get known the "Wild beauty" (Montenegro) and "The last secret of Europe" (Albania). One of the best way to explore is - to cycle.

With 5 years work we developed different cycling tours for you. You can choose to cycle a 3 day tour around Shkodra/Skadar lake, a Seven day mountain bike tour or different day trips in Montenegro and Albania.

  up- or downhill (?) in Albania and Montenegro meal 

Both countries are only about 4 hours fly far from Berlin, Paris and Warzawa, or about 6 hours from London. The romantic and more environmental friendly way is to take the ferry boat from Italy to Montengro (Ancona - Bar about 16 hours), or from Italy to Albania (Ancona - Durres  18 hours). If you have more time - it is proofen to cycle to Trieste trough the alps and take your bike on the the ferry boat along the beauty full costline of Croatia, Montenegro and Albania (Trieste - Durres 24 hours). The train needs about 1 1/2 day from Berlin to the capital of Montenegro - Podgorca. To Albania thier is no international train connection yet, only a national network.